How do I determine the right length of stretchband for my watchband?

       A: You'll need to have the length of the watch measured top to bottom from watch pin to watch pin that you'll be attaching to the watchband. Take that measurement and add the watch tip measurement twice. Subtract that total from your actual wrist size and that total will be the length of the stretchband you'll need. For example, the watch measurement is 1". Each watch tip measures 1 1/8" so add two watch tips which will be 2 1/4". You now have a total of 3 1/4". If your wrist size is 6 1/4" you'll subtract 3 1/4" which leaves 3". You'll need a 3" stretchband. If you don't want it to wear too tight go up to the next size of 3 1/8". Hope this doesn't confuse you more!