To put an item(s) in layaway, you will need to contact us with the item(s) numbers, method of initial down payment (i.e. check, money order, credit card, PayPal, etc.), and your contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.). No "specials" or discount offers will be applied to layaways. You can contact us by phone at~ 830-626-8309 ~ M-F 11a-5p ~ SAT 12p-4p (CST).

   Most items will require 25% down payment with the balance due within 90 days. Minimum amount for layaway is $100.00. For the item(s) over $1000.00 we can extend the time period, but will still need 25% down payment. For layaway's valued at over $1000.00 the buyer and seller will come to a verbal and/or written time frame  agreement prior to the initiation of the layaway. The 90 days (or other time span agreement) will start when we receive the down payment or 5 days after you first notify us, whichever comes first. If we have not received the down payment within 7 days from the initial contact we will put the item(s) back up for sale unless different terms are arranged and agreed to by both the buyer and seller. No "specials" or discount offers will be applied to layaway's. We will not send reminders or invoices during the 90 days or agreed time period. It will be the buyer's responsibility to make the payment(s) in full within the 90 day or agreed time period.

  Do to credit card transaction fees applied to accepting payments, we ask to limit credit card and PayPal transactions to only two (2) transactions during the life of the layaway. You can make as many payments as you'd like in the form of personal checks or money orders.

   Buyer is responsible for any and all fees or a penalty acquired due to insufficient funds if a personal check "bounces" or has not paid to our bank.

   If the buyer defaults and doesn’t pay off the balance within the 90 day time period (or other agreed layaway time period), the item(s) will go back up for sale to the general public and the buyer will forfeit what payments have been made. If a personal check is returned or credit card payment is denied on the final day of the layaway agreement time period it will be considered a default and item (s) will go back up for sale to the general public and buyer will forfeit what payments have been made.