We include insurance on all shipments to not only protect our customers, but also ourselves against any chargebacks that we didn’t have any control of. Once the package is dropped off at the shipping provider we have no control if the package gets damaged or lost even though we pack our shipments very professionally to avoid any damage.

We also believe in being straightforward and honest with our customers and not lie or hide the shipping price into the cost of the items and then brag about offering “Free Shipping” or some sort of ridiculous 50-70% off. When we offer free shipping or a discount on the purchase price it actually does come out of our profit margin and not from excessively boosting the price and then subtract a percentage discount or adding an extra charge into the items and then claim free shipping. I could show you a video from a popular marketplace showing it’s venders how to add the cost of shipping into the price of the item so they can claim a “free shipping” status, but I’m afraid I might get into a legal scrape with them. We feel that’s a betrayal to the customer if not a total dishonest lie. Bottom line, what really matters is the dollar amount out of your pocket whether it’s a combination of item cost plus shipping or the dollar amount spent after getting a 50-70% discount and free shipping.

USPS 2018 Christmas Shipping Deadlines

To ensure that holiday mail and packages are delivered in time for Christmas, the Postal Service recommends the following mailing and shipping deadlines:


  • Dec. 2 – First-Class Mail International

  • Dec. 2 – Priority Mail International

  • Dec. 10 – Priority Mail Express International

  • Dec. 15 – Standard Post

  • Dec. 17 – Global Express Guaranteed



  • Dec. 19 – First-Class Mail

  • Dec. 20 – Priority Mail

  • Dec. 22 – Priority Mail Express

We have begun offering FedEx shipping as an alternate method. As of right now we are only showing domestic 3 business day choice.

Please Note:

We insure all packages and any package worth over $500 will automatically include a signature confirmation. Signature Confirmation over $500 is automatically added by USPS and we have no control of it unless we don’t fully insure. If you don’t want signature confirmation on your $500 or more order we will need written notice that you decline fully insuring your package. If you’d like signature confirmation on you package under $500 just add a note at checkout and we will abide. With all the reports of crooks following the postal delivery carriers around during the holidays and grabbing the package from your porch or mailbox you may feel it better safe than sorry. Signature confirmation can become a hassle also if you or someone else is not home when the carrier tries to deliver. You may need to stop at your local post office to pick up the next day or contact your local carrier to arrange another date for delivery.

Click on the link below to see one reason why we insure all packages!



Domestic Shipping & Handling

As of 1/27/2019 USPS has been changing prices faster than we can keep up with them. Below are the estimated new standard shipping charges. Larger and heavier packages may be more. Thank you for your understanding!

Costs are as follows:

                 USPS Priority                          USPS Standard First Class          

 $0.01 - $50.00...............$  8.00                     $6.71

 $50.01 - $100.00...........$10.65                     $7.17

$100.01 - $200.00....…...$11.80                    $8.02

$200.01 - $300.00....…...$13.05                  $10.29

$300.01 - 400.00........... $14.29                   $11.31

$400.01 - $500.00..........$15.40                   $12.46

$501.00 - $600.00..........$17.85                   $14.32

$601.00 - $700.00..........$19.10                   $16.07

$701.00 - $800.00..........$20.45                   $17.42

$801.00 - $900.00..........$ 21.65                  $18.92

$901.00 - $1000.00........ $24.07                  $20.43

$1001.00 - $1100.00.......$25.20                   $21.18

$1101.00 - $1200.00.......$30.07                  $23.34

$1201.00 - $1300.00.......$31.14                   $25.12

$1301.00 - $1400.00.......$31.87                   $26.22

$1401.00 - $1500.00.......$32.07                   $27.92

$1501.00 - $1600.00........$37.35                  $29.22

$1601.00 - $1700.00........$41.75                   $32.22

$1701.00 and up………….$56.17 $55.97

Shipping and handling charges are subject to change without notice. The above prices are based on 1 lb. or less with United States Postal Service (USPS) and are to be used to approximate shipping costs. The prices stated above include Priority Mail or 1st Class, Insurance, and Delivery Confirmation.  Many variations can contribute to different shipping calculations such as size, weight, amount of items in shopping cart, etc. Once the order is packaged and actual shipping charges calculated we will refund any shipping overage that may have been applied. We are not responsible for damaged items or lost packages after shipment. All claims will be filed with the postal carrier. Some of our items may require more shipping charges. Larger packages may be recalculated and shipped by a different carrier (i.e. UPS, Fedex, or DHL) The figures above are based on jewelry items. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions and we’ll gladly send you an invoice with the correct shipping charges. Please direct any questions to us at eaglerocktrading@aol.com or Click Here. Thank you for your understanding!

NOTE: These charges apply to U.S. orders only. International shipping and handling charges will be higher. Please email us for details.

Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.

International & Overseas Shipping

Please contact us and we will gladly figure shipping costs with insurance and send you an invoice. To get a correct pricing on international and overseas shipping go to http://www.usps.com  Our zip code to estimate shipping charges is 78131. Note: We only ship USPS International Priority or FedEx. Some countries will only allow us to ship USPS International Priority and restrict or reject jewelry items being shipped any other way.



Expedited Services

  1. USPS Flat Rate Small Box is the cheapest we can ship overseas to most countries and this is for orders under $200.00 USD. The pricing does include insurance and tracking. We will ship this way if the items will fit into the small flat rate box. TOTAL: $35.95 on average. If you pay more than what it costs us to ship we will refund the difference. WE don’t set the rates and oddly enough a box that’s only 1” taller but has the same length and width will cost an extra $10-$15

The postage for International orders seem to change constantly? Unfortunately, we have no control over that. The average cost for International orders of $100 to $200 is ranging between $35.55 to $45.50 which includes insurance. This quote is for USPS International Priority small flat rate boxes. If the purchase won't fit into this box we obviously have to up-size to a larger box which will increase the shipping cost. It will also be higher if we use a different shipper such as UPS, FED-X, or  DHL. Overnight or 3-day Express and Guaranteed Global shipping will also be higher.
Our shipping cart is limited on how we can charge shipping. There are many variations and combinations of products that can vary the weigh and size of a package. If the shipping charge appears to be excessively high, we will gladly refund any overage once the order has been packed and true shipping/insurance charges have been applied. Read More.....



Please contact us for exact shipping charges. We will be happy to figure shipping and handling charges for you and send you a total invoice. To contact us, CLICK HERE

Order Processing

All orders will normally be processed in 1 - 2 business days. You will receive an email from us confirming that we received your payment and shipment date posted. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.  Larger items may be shipped by UPS. Alternative shipping methods (Overnight, UPS, Fed X, etc) may cost more. Email us for alternative shipping methods and pricing. International orders will be sent USPS Priority International, USPS Express Priority International, or Airmail Parcel Post. Please contact us prior to ordering international shipments and we will gladly work to find the most efficient and lowest costs shipping charges.




Exchanges and Returns

Extended Holiday Return Policy:

Starting December 1, 2018, we are extending our return policy 15 days from December 25, 2018 for purchases made during December 2018. If you are buying as a Christmas gift, you or the recipient have until Tuesday, January 9, 2019 to return or exchange the item(s). 

For Exchanges:

Please contact us with information on item(s) being returned. (i.e. sales receipt number, description of item, and item number) and same information on item(s) you wish to exchange for. If there is an amount due greater than the purchase price of the return, please enclose with the return a check or money order equal to the difference plus applicable shipping charges (from the charts above) and sales tax of 8.25%  if within the State of Texas.

Returns will be accepted as follows:

The item(s) must be returned to us in the same condition in which it was received. For undamaged items, you MUST purchase insurance equal to or greater than the purchase price of the item. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs to return the item.

DO NOT SHIP in an envelope or padded bubble lined envelope where as we have received numerous pieces of jewelry back that has been smashed during shipment. The postal service will void the insurance coverage due to insufficient packing.

Please use a sturdy box along with bubble wrap or wrapping paper for proper packaging to return items. Upon our receipt of the item and after inspection, your money will be refunded, less the shipping and handling costs for the original purchase. (Please read updates below) (If we are running a discount special on shipping, such as "Free Shipping", then the refund will be the actual costs less the restocking fee and the actual shipping charges and handling fees). Returns must be received by us within 15 days of original purchase. Contact us with any questions at; eaglerocktrading@aol.com . If you have not received a response back within 24 hrs., click here

For Damaged or Lost Items:

We will have to file a claim with the carrier. We will assist you every way possible in filing the appropriate forms with the carriers.


Effective 5/15/2004: Cash refund on returns may be assessed a 5% handling charge to cover credit card fees. As long as we receive the item(s) back in the same shape as they were when shipped and within the 15 days allowed for returns, no charge will be assessed except new credit card fees described below. Thank you for your understanding.

Effective 11/24/2004: Any items purchased under the category of "On Sale", "Specials", or any other promotional or discounted terms will not be eligible for return.

Effective 10/8/2005  Any item received by us that is damaged during shipment back to us will be assessed a damage control fee or sent back to purchaser if insurance is not purchased and guidelines are not followed above.

Effective 11/14/2006  Any items returned that had been placed in layaway will be charged a 25% restocking fee if canceled during the time of layaway contract.

Effective 8/24/2010 Updated 7/18/2011 Due to changes in credit card fees charged to us at time of purchase, any domestic returns will be assessed a restock fee of 30 cents ($.30 USD) and 3.1% of the original shipping charge to cover our loss. International returns will be charged the equivalent in currency used. Exchanges will not be charged any fee only new shipping charges.





Damaged or Lost Items

For Damaged or Lost Items:

We will have to file a claim with the carrier. We will assist you every way possible in filing the appropriate forms with the carriers.