~Benny Martinez~

~Leonard Martinez~

~Lonnie Martinez~


~Ida McCrea~


~Bruce Morgan~

~Henry Morgan~

~Pete Morgan~

~Justin Morris~

~Gilo and Grace Nakai~

~Andrew Ned~




~Johnathan Nez~

Navajo, active 1990s-?: gold & silver, heavy stampwork, set stone jewelry

BORN: ca. 1965;    RESIDENCE: Shonto, AZ   

FAMILY: brother of Leonard Nez

PUBLIC SERVICE: Chapter Vice President, Shonto, AZ; Navajo Nation Council

GALLERIES: Rio Grande Wholesale, Albuquerque, NM; Cast Trading Post, Santa Fe; Garland's Indian Jewelry



~Julian Nez~

Navajo/Jicarilla Apache, active 1980s-present: traditional silver jewelry



FAMILY: son of Mary Becenti and Jake Nez; brother of Gibson Nez, Randy Nez

AWARDS: 1983, 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 1986, 1st, necklaces, Indian Market, Santa Fe

EXHIBITIONS: 1983-present, Indian Market, Santa Fe; 1994-present, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & crafts Show

GALLERIES: Wright's Indian Art, Albuquerque, NM; Garden of the Gods Trading Post, Manitou Springs, CO

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 200:124


~Dennis Okee~


 ~Anderson Parkett~


~Calvin Peterson~


~Herbert Platero~

(Crip Platero)

Navajo, active /-1940+: silver leaf jewelry


RESIDENCE: Famnington, NM

GALLERIES: Borrego Pass Trading Post, NM

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 200:137

~Fannie Platero~

(Fannie Chavez)

~Agnes Platero~

Navajo, active ca. pre-1970-?: traditional & contemporary silver leaf jewelry



FAMILY: wife of Dan Platero, Sr.; mother of Don Platero

TEACHER: Dan Platero, Sr., her husband

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:136

~Scotty and Betty Platero~

Navajo, active ca. 1960s-present: silver jewelry, textiles

BORN: ca. 1943; RESIDENCE: Thoreau, NM

FAMILY: husband and wife

PUBLICATIONS: Schiffer 1991 c:8; Wright 2000:136; Schaaf 2001:205

~Irene Pine~

(Irene Manuelito)

"I love for people to wear my jewelry. I also love wearing it myself."

Navajo, active ca. 1973-present: silver, turquoise, coral, jet, shellwork channel inlay jewelry

BORN: December 16, 1945: 

RESIDENCE: Coyote Springs, 20 miles north of Gallup, NM

FAMILY: daughter of Bessie Becenti & Burke Manuelito; sister of Annie Burke, Alice Barney, Cathy Benally; wife of Kee L. Pine; mother of Julius Manuelito, Frederick Manuelito, Earlene Pine, Ethylena Pine

TEACHER: Raymond Becenti

~Jane Popovich~

~Rita Quezada~

~Geneva Ramone~

~Silver Ray~


~Robert Shakey~

Navajo, active pre-1982-present: traditional, classic revival, hand-wrough, hammered, set stone, silver jewelry

ASSOCIATIONS: smith for Atkinson Trading Co.

PUBLICATIONS: American Indian Art Magazine Autumn 1996: pg.43; Wright 2000:153

~Alice M. Shirley~

Navajo, active ca. 1970's-present: silver jewelry

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000: 154

~David Skeets~


~Paul Skeets~


~Scott Skeets~

~Doris Smallcanyon~

(perhaps Diane Smallcanyon)

Navajo, active pre-1989-?: silver jewelry


TRADING POSTS: Nizhoni Trading Company

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:158

Doris Smallcanyon is most famous for her silver spiritual deity figures with set turquoise and coral. This style was popularized by the Navajo Silversmith, Helen Long.

~Germaine Smith~

~Harold Smith~

~Snow Bird~

~Mary Ann Spencer~

 ~Virgil Strong~

~Elaine Tahe~

~Verna Tahe~

Navajo, active ca. 1980'S-?: silver jewelry/Lapidarist

BORN: ca. 1953;  

RESIDENCE: Gallup, NM; northern Arizona

FORMS: specializes in contemporary pieces of heishi and silver

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:162

~Herbert Toledo~

Navajo, active ca. 1990-?: silver inlay jewelry/Lapidarist

FAMILY: brother of Russell Toledo; brother-in-law ofEva Toledo; uncle of Marvin & Michelle Slim

EXHIBITIONS: Haskell Indian Market, Portal, Sante Fe, NM

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 200:167

~Gilbert Tom~

Navajo, active?-present: Classic Revival, traditional stamped silver, set turquoise


TEACHER: Harry Morgan

STUDENT: Donovan Skeets

COLLECTIONS: Blain Harasymiw, Japan

GALLERIES: Medicine Man Gallery " Gilbert studied with Harry Morgan. He has created his own distinctive "old" style jewelry that is easily distinguishable from Harry's, even though he does use the old pawn finish that Harry developed."

~Leroy Thomas~ (Turquoise Thomas)

Navajo, active ca. 1974-?; silver jewelry

RESIDENCE: Pine Springs, AZ

FAVORITE DESIGNS: quarter moon, peak of rock, blossoms of small plants, weeds, like cloud in sandpainting of Male Shooting Way Chant, lightning, leaf, mountain peak with trees, hind part of snake, mountain ridge

PUBLICATIONS: Adair 1944:102-03. 198

John Adair described Joe Thomas as the "most prolific silversmith in the region." He used stampwork dies made by John Six


~Velma Trujillo~

Navajo, active ?: traditional, stampwork, set stone jewelry


EXHIBITIONS: Portal, Santa Fe

COLLECTIONS: Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf, Santa Fe

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:169

~Kee Tsosie~

Navajo, active ?: silver jewelry

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:173


Navajo, active ca. 1970's-?: silver jewelry

FAMILY: wife of Nelson Tsosie

ASSOCIATIONS: smith for Atkinson Trading Co.

EXHIBITIONS: Portal, Santa Fe

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:172

~Phillip Tsosie~

~Charles Willie~

~Tom Willeto~

(Navajo, active ca. 1960's-present: silver jewelry)

RESIDENCE: Canyoncito, NM

FAMILY: grandson of Tojaliilli Chief

COLLECTIONS: Marsha Bailey

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000: 181. Since 1965, Tom Willetto has worked as a designer with Phillip Zachary & Sons

~Juliana Williams~

~Arnold Yazzie~

~Charlene Yazzie~

(Navajo, active ca. 1970's-?: silver jewelry)

ASSOCIATIONS: smithe for Felix Indian Jewelry and Atkinson Jewelry Co., AZ before 1980

PUBLICATIONS: Wright 2000:185

~Foster Yazzie~

~Kevin Yazzie~

~Leslie Yazzie~

~Mark Yazzie~


~Raymond C Yazzie ~ 

(Navajo, Folding Arms Clan, active ca. 1970-present: mosaic jewelry)

BORN: Nov.25, 1959

RESIEDENCES: Vanderwagen, Gallup, NM

FAMILY: son of Chee Yazzie & Elsie Benally Yazzie/Helen Frank Yazzie; brother of Nelson Yazzie, Mary Marie Yazzie Lincoln, Jimmie Yazzie, Lee Yazzie, Cindy King, Jimmy B.Yazzie, Shirley Johnson, Felix Yazzie; husband of Colina Gorman Yazzie; father of Scott Yazzie, Felicia Yazzie, Christopher Yazzie

TEACHER: Lee Yazzie, his older brother

STUDENT: Darryl Begay

PUBLICATIONS: "A Family of Craftsmen," The International Turquoise Annual, 1976:127;